This program is in its initial piloting stages and is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the HSSC Board of Directors


The purpose of this program is to help reduce the number of kittens and puppies born each year in Stanislaus County.


There will be a limited number of openings for this program each month.


This is for legally owned and tame momma dogs and cats; you must be willing to keep the momma and have no intentions of rehoming the momma.


HSSC will cover the cost for your momma to be spayed at Turlock Spay & Neuter Clinic, get up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and flea treated until babies are adopted.


Once the puppies or kittens are 3 weeks of age, you as the legal owner of these animals can sign up through our application process to get on the wait list.


In order to qualify for this program you must be willing to sign over legal ownership of the babies upon acceptance into the program. You must also be willing to foster and transport the kittens/puppies until adopter or an HSSC foster becomes available, our fosters are specifically reserved for animals coming out of shelters.


HSSC will cover all medical costs for the puppies/kittens, you must be willing and able to transport to Vet  appointments along with to our Wellness Clinic as needed.


HSSC is willing to loan you carriers and crates, provide the food for the momma and babies that all of our animals are on, while in the program.