Stanley's Story

At the end of January, we received a call from Stanislaus Animal Services Agency asking if we could rescue a German Shepherd mix that had been surrendered by the owner as the dog's stomach had twisted and he could not afford the surgery required and therefore needed to euthanize him. We quickly found a vet who reduced the price of the surgery and put out a plea on Facebook to help with the cost. Thanks to the generous donations that came in, Stanley had his "Gastric Dilation Volvulus" untwisted and sutured his stomach to the abdominal wall. Stanley is a very well-mannered gentleman through the whole experience, even though he didn't feel good enough to eat. After the first couple of weeks of healing, he got his appetite back, and his personality came out. Stanley quickly made friends with his foster family's German Shepherd and enjoys goofing around, stealing toys while playing Tug o' War, and gnawing on a sturdy Kong chew toy. Stanley is a very smart young boy. He is about 1 year old and knows "sit", "go lay down" ,and has learned quickly what a squirt bottle has to say about being in the kitchen. Again, Stanley's recovery would not have been possible without your help, thank you!

Stanley when we first picked him up from surgery

Stanley resting with a bland diet

Stanley showing his love

Playtime with a new friend

Stanley enjoying a good car ride


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