You may remember Smokey from back in January when she came to us from Stanislaus Animal Services as an "owner requested euthanasia". She was 12 years old, and 30 pounds. Her underside was covered in stale urine, and quite frankly, had a cloud of stink to match her size. That night, she went to her new foster home, and was treated to a warm bath to get all of the urine off her skin. Later that week, our vet did blood work on her and found that she had a urinary tract infection. She was severely overweight, but was otherwise healthy. She has since been treated, and has been eating a special diet to slowly lose weight. She has a lofty goal of 15 pounds, but can be adoptable once she reaches 20 pounds. So far, Smokey has lost 5 pounds!

Smokey is an older gal and still quite large, so it's no wonder that she is not a very active kitty. She enjoys coming out of her crate in the morning, walking herself to the next room, and jumping onto the couch to plop herself down for a day of napping alongside her Foster's dog. Besides napping, her favorite thing is to be pet and brushed. Losing weight will be a slow process and we are looking forward to her continued weight loss and towards the time when she can start looking for her very own home. 5 more pounds to go! Go Smokey!


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