Mia's Happily Furever After Story

Adoption update for Mia! She was adopted back in August 2017, when she was a little pup. She has since made a sucessing move with her family to Illinois, this California born pup now loves the snow! Here is what her forever mom Courtney has to say about Mia;

"I adopted a puppy back in August when she was 4 months old. Mia is going on 11 months old. Her and I actually made a cross country move to Illinois where I'm originally from. She LOVES the snow! She's got quite a personality and is very vocal and even talks back if I don't move as fast as she would like me too, when she wants something she wants it now, but other than that she loves to cuddle and watch tv. I honestly cannot go anywhere without her following close behind! I continue to thank you for all you did to rescue her and then bring her into my life..she is truly a beautiful soul! "

Mia enjoying a car ride on a snowy day in Illinois.

Mia as a puppy, when she was living with Foster mom Sarah. She hasn't quite grown into her ears.


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