Save a life • Be a foster

Why be a foster?


Help us save lives by opening your home and heart to an animal(s) that needs foster care. By doing so you are not only giving a temporary home to an animal in a shelter, but you also creating more space in a shelter to save another animal. And, fostering an animal(s) in a home environment allows the dog or a cat a chance to settle in a loving home environment. This allows them to relax and be themselves again before going up for adoptions.


Being a foster means you get to see a once shy cat open up, and enjoy being loved and cuddled. Or, watch a lonely dog transform into a trusting playful one. This also helps us learn more about the animals personalities, its likes and dislikes, and thereby helping us to place them in the best possible forever home.


Fostering can be bittersweet, as it can be sad to say goodbye, but you can take comfort in knowing that they just found a wonderful forever home. Foster animals adopted opens up another spot for us to rescue more animals in need.


An animal out of the shelter = lives being saved!


Fosters will be provided with

  • Food for the animal(s)

  • Crates/tower cages

  • Puppy pads or cat litter

  • Food bowls, toys, leash, collar

  • ANY medical care the animal(s) might need


What fosters do

  • Open your home for the animal(s) until they are adopted.

  • Transportation of the animals to/from Adoption Event & Wellness Clinic*.

  • Make a commitment to foster the animal(s) until they are adopted.

  • Some love & cuddles



*Adoption Events are held at the Sisk Rd. PetSmart on Saturdays from 11 am - 3 pm.

*Wellness Clinic is located at our main office at 1620 Carpenter Rd. Ste. C-23 on Tuesdays from 5 pm - 7:00 pm, your foster animal(s) will receive a purple Wellness Form indicating when their next appointment is.



Fostering process

  • We will contact you to ask which animal(s) from our list you would like to foster.

  • HSSC will then rescue animal(s) from Stanislaus Animal Services Agency once a week.

  • Once we officially release them so they can have their freedom ride, we would ask that you come over to our office to pick up your new animal(s).

  • We get them up to date on age appropriate vaccines, deworming, flea treatments, and microchips. We will provide you with a Wellness Form so you know what exactly was done.

  • Your foster animal(s) are adoptable once they have been quarantined for two weeks and are spayed/neutered.