Useful Information for the Stanislaus Community

List of veterinarians in the Stanislaus County that provides low-cost spay & neuter.

Help reduce the euthanasia rates of cats and kittens in our community!


Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Resources

This list is for reference only, as prices and programs may change, contact any organization or clinic below to see what their current requirements are as well as pricing. ​


American Pet Clinic

2531 E. Whitemore Ave, Suite A, Ceres, CA

Phone: (209) 537-2100



Animal Medical Center
901 N. Carpenter Road Suite 39., Modesto, CA 95351

Phone: (209) 566-2287



ProjectX Spay & Neuter

Various locations throughout Stanislaus County

Phone: (209) 988-SPAY



S.A.V.E.D (Stanislaus Area Veterinarians for the Economically Disadvantaged)

201 Maze Blvd., Modesto, CA

Phone: (209) 661-4138




Stanislaus Animal Services Agency (SASA) - Trap-Neuter-Release


The Humane Society of Stanislaus County (HSSC) has teamed up with Stanislaus County Animal Services (SASA), Cat Network of Stanislaus, other rescues and individuals to reduce the euthanasia rates of cats and kittens in our community!


This program allows residents of Stanislaus County within the Joint Powers Agency (JPA) residence falls within those city limits, this program DOES NOT INCLUDE city limits of Turlock, Oakdale/Riverbank, or Newman,  to bring feral/community cats during regular business hours to:

Stanislaus County Animal Services Shelter

3647 Cornucopia Way 

Modesto, CA 95358


The cats will be evaluated for adoption. If a cat is too feral, or an unlikely candidate for adoption they will NOT be euthanized if healthy - instead they will be spayed/neutered/vetted and ear tipped. SASA STATES KITTENS UNDER 4 LBS WILL BE AT RISK FOR EUTHANASIA.

HSSC and other volunteers go to the shelter to pick up these cats so that they can be returned to the community to live free, without the ability to reproduce. 


We have high hopes that we not only immediately reduce euthanasia but can look forward to a greatly reduced "Kitten Season" in the future.


HSSC volunteers have spent countless hours and their own money on gas returning these cats to every corner of Stanislaus County. We have added a Trap-Neuter-Release category to our donation list. If you would like to show your appreciation for this program, please visit the Donate menu option from the left and select Trap- Neuter-Release.


PLEASE NOTE: This program is intended for community / stray cats. If you want to ensure that the cats and kittens are returned to you, please use alternative programs for spay/neuter.