• Community Fosters are individuals who need assistance in finding an animal a home


  • Community Fosters are individuals that meet legal requirements of ownership. If the animal was a stray, HSSC cannot accept it into our program until the following conditions have been met:

  1. The person has made a public effort to locate the rightful owners of the stray animal.

  2. The person has filed a Found Animal Report with the proper authorities for their locality.

  3. The animal has been in their care and custody for a minimum of 14 days since filing the Found Animal Report.

  • Responsibility and liability for the animal remains with the Community Foster. HSSC is only providing networking and support to assist with finding a permanent home for the animal.


  • All medical expenses are paid for by the Community Foster.


  • Vaccinations, deworming, micro-chipping, flea treatment, and spay/neuter will be covered by the Community Foster at their expense.


  • HSSC retains the adoption fee of Community animals due to the high cost of equipment, maintenance, marketing, office supplies, and other forms of overhead.


  • Community Fosters are to keep track of the medical records for each animal and the drop-off and pick up of the animal in order for it to be at an Adoption Event under HSSC.


  • Once a Community animal is adopted out, should it be returned, the original Community Foster will be contacted first. HSSC will take in the animal as space allows.


  • If a Community Foster adopts out an animal outside of an HSSC event or protocols, HSSC assumes no liability or responsibility for the animal.


  • Animals with behavioral problems will be asked to leave and risk assessment may be required before returning.


  • Community Fosters are to check in & out at designated times during PetSmart Adoption Events.